Trading has changed to be always on, highly automated, spread across multiple platforms and brokers, blindingly fast and sometimes dangerously unpredictable. The ability to monitor and control trading is more important than ever, and solutions on the market have not kept up.

RiskResponder is risk monitoring for the modern trading era.


RiskResponder monitors your trading activity in real-time, 24/7 , so no incidents slip through the cracks.

Complete View

RiskResponder integrates data across ISVs, brokers and exchanges and both orders and positions to understand the full scope of your trading activity.

Rapid Response

When RiskResponder detects behavior outside of risk parameters, it can rapidly respond to slow down or halt the trading activity.

Enhanced Coverage

RiskResponder improves the effectiveness of existing infrastructure with an open API that is easy to integrate with other risk systems and vendors.

RiskResponder manages risk for many use cases across the trade lifecycle that are not covered by current solutions.



Pre and Post-trade Risk Management

Overly risky trading behavior may not be caught until after the fact. RiskResponder checks for quantity limits, price collars, execution and messaging thresholds before each trade.

Persistent Compliance

Non-compliant trades may result in fines or suspensions from the exchange or regulators. RiskResponder checks for commonly triggered exchange and CFTC rules to ensure compliance.

Holistic Risk Limits

Traders may exceed their risk limits by trading across multiple platforms or excessive orders. RiskResponder integrates data from across exchanges and ISVs and considers both positions and order when calculating risk.

Loss Reduction

Traders or algorithms on a “losing streak” may benefit from temporarily reduced trading activity. RiskResponder monitors profitability in real-time, and can slow-down or stop trading entirely to reduce losses and lock in profits.

Kill Switch

A “black swan” runaway algo can cause millions of dollars in losses. RiskResponder can detect and kill all abnormal trading activity from the exchange, the ISV or the black box in real-time.

About Us

Edge Financial Technologies provides soware and services to the global financial community. Edge’s solutions encompass algorithmic trading strategies and systems, pre and post trade risk management, electronic order routing, clearing and back office systems. We are passionate about developing trading technology solutions that are fast, flexible and reliable.



Efficiency via automation

We take trading strategies from concepts to working algorithms when automating trading strategies.


Turnkey solutions

We offer ready to use software for a variety of trading use cases, and can customize to fit your unique needs.


Expertise you can count on 

Our solutions are built by experienced professionals with proven track records at trading firms, brokerages, hedge funds and banks.


Trading Strategy Automation

Alpha Generating Strategies: Market Making, Trend Following, Mean Reversion, Spreading, Cross Exchange, Arbitrage, Event / News Based, Multi Asset Algos, etc… Execution Algorithms: Rollover Algorithms, VWAP, TWAP, Edge STEALTH, etc… Custom Trading Solutions: Custom Order Types, Triggers, Macros and Hot Keys, Data Capture and Play Back.

Risk Management

Our custom risk solutions monitor your important indicators on a Pre Trade or Post Trade risk basis for one or multiple traders.

FIX Protocol Connectivity

We offer FIX Protocol based connectivity services using most widely used 3rd party FIX engines: FIX drop copy, custom FIX engines, and FIX based order routing

Latency Measurement and Optimization

Latency in a trading system can cost companies millions of dollars in lost profit opportunities. We measure, monitor and remove latency out of trading systems, including order routing systems, custom algorithmic strategies, custom trading tools and applications.

Customized Order Routing

We create solutions that connect directly to exchange price feeds and order routing systems, to provide the ultimate in speed or control.

Edge Financial introduces RiskResponder for FCMs

RiskResponder has additional features above and beyond its usual toolset to help sell-side brokers and their clients.

Automated “Reach-in”

For clients trading on black boxes who run the risk of exceeding pre-trade risk limits, RiskResponder can automatically “reach-in” to monitor trading activity and cut off access if risk limits are exceeded.

Client Value Add

RiskResponder can be white-labelled and offered to clients as part of the FCM’s set of offerings, to differentiate the FCM’s service and create a competitive edge.

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